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Thank you for visiting the official website of Square Care - Mineola

Thank you for visiting the official website of Square Care Medical Group LLP - Mineola. We provide state of the art Obstetric and Gynecologic care from our Mineola office. We care for women from Suffolk, Nassau, Queens and Brooklyn. We provide compassionate, comfortable care to cover the spectrum of a woman's health needs. 

Our Services Include

complete Obstetrical care, from preconception care through the entire pregnancy and delivery to postpartum care. We also provide care for those patients whose pregnancies are considered high risk. We boast a low rate for cesarean sections without compromising the care of the woman or her infant. We are able to provide most services within our office, minimizing the need for patients to travel afar to get their needs met.

Gynecologic services provided cater to all phases of life, from the special needs of adolescents through concerns and health maintenance issues that apply to the mature woman. Special emphasis is applied to the treatment of what are traditionally considered surgical diseases. Alternatives to hysterectomy are regularly utilized to offer women choices that would better suit their lifestyles. Minimally invasive and robotic procedures are a specialty of the practice that allow the patient to appropriately treat different problems with a more rapid return to what is truly important, living life!


Obstetrical Care

Square Care - Mineola specializes in comprehensive prenatal and obstetrical care. This is offered to women who are anticipating a normal or a high-risk delivery.

Our staff are well trained and experienced professionals who will help guide you and answer all your questions and concerns through-out your pregnancy.

We perform a wide variety of tests throughout each trimester, some of these services include:

  • Antenatal Testing
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Sonograms (Including 3D/4D Sonograms)
  • Counseling and More...


We offer a full range of gynecologic services for our patients. We routine gynecologic screening, contraceptive care and cancer screening services. We care for patients in all phases of life: Adolescents, Reproductive age, Perimenopausal as well as Post-Menopausal care. We do provide a wide range of surgical services including: In-patient, Out-patient as well as In Office based surgeries. A large focus of our practice involves customizing a patient’s care to optimize her outcome while minimizing the impact on her life. We offer a full array of surgical surgeries specializing in minimally invasive and robotic surgeries in order to facilitate a quicker return to normalcy.

Gynecologic Services include

  • Contraceptive Care
  • Care for Benign Gyn conditions – fibroids, cysts, endomteriosis
  • Routine Cancer Screening
  • Genetic Cancer Screening
  • Incontinence Care
  • Menopausal care
  • Minor Gynecologic Surgeries – both hospital and office based
  • Major Gynecologic Surgeries – Minimally Invasive, Robotic as well as Traditional
New Project

Obesity Medicine

As a doubly Board-Certified physician in both OB/GYN and in Obesity Medicine. Dr Saleh offers compassionate care for those patients struggling weight concerns. She can assist in achieving those life goals of weight control and overall Health Improvement using medicinal and other noninvasive modalities